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Ear Aches

Ear Aches

A famous pediatrician and pediatric medicine professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, once wrote, “Most pediatric prescriptions are given for the benefit of the parents and not of the child.” Earaches have become almost epidemic in young children. Studies suggest that part of the problem may have been created by overuse of antibiotics in treatment of earaches. This overuse resulted in an accelerated evolution of the bacteria involved with earaches. The surviving bacteria were much stronger and tougher for the body’s immune system to defeat.

As with most symptoms and disorder discussed in this site, if you are currently undergoing treatment for earaches with a medical physician, please discuss any changes in this treatment with your doctor. Chiropractic treatment has more than one positive effect when it comes to treating ear infections. Besides chiropractic treatment allowing the immune system to function better, physical treatments in the neck help to open eustacion tubes (the communication between the inner ear and the throat) helping defeat infection.

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